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A New Concept!

With over two million tourists visiting Panama every year, the Transportation Industry needed to undergo mayor transformation. PGS Business recognizes that 95% of Panama’s growth comes out of the millions of tourist transported every day from Airports, Ports and Tran Stations into Hotels, Offices and Businesses all over these country, by the Independent Tourist Drivers. That’s why we have setup to work with this personnel and transform these industry into a money making venture for all parties involved, offering the drivers, as the first individuals who handle this important tourist or investor, backed up by our Corporate Group, a wide variety of possibilities from improving his vehicle to duplicating his monthly income, just by training himself to be much more than a Driver. Our Transportation Fleet will handle all potential investors coming into Panama and will offer an additional wide variety of Services that are absolutely necessary for his success in achieving his goals and making his trip to Panama the best travel experience yet.