Who we are

Our history

2005 -

PGS Corporate Group (www.thepanamabusiness.com) is founded, with the main goal of advising all incoming investors of the common and legal business practices in Panama.

2006 -

www.panamacompamysale.com was incorporated into PGS main structure to offer new and advantageous opportunities.

2007 -

International Affiliate Resellers program is founded adding hundreds of Panama’s Corps. & Foundation Resellers all over the world.

2008 -

Real Estate Investments and Banking Services are offered thru our offices in Panama, under License from Panama’s Commerce and Industry Ministry.

2013 -

Transportation Services are implemented to increase the value of our services to our existing and new customers and develop a bran new approach just as they arrive in Panama, or even as soon as they make their reservation back home.

We provide transportation, Business and Tourism Products and Services and every thing from A to Z while you stay in Panama


We offer transportation for a wide variety of needs; Business & Tourism.

Our Driver and transportation services go way beyond from just driving you from the airport and back. We offer transportation per hourly rates to all kind of business and Social meetings, from 6:00 AM to Midnight, every day of the week.

Our Drivers are well prepared to offer you all kinds of advice on night-life in Panama, Entertainment, Shopping, Winning and Dining, Tourism hot Spots and more. Ask for our Business Card to our Driver, where you will find all kinds of places you must visit before you leave Panama and stay safe and avoiding high crime routes and areas.

Remember, our Drivers, beside from providing you the transportation you need in Panama, are equiped with detalied info on Business and Tourism Packages (which you came to Panama looking for anyways). So make sure you ask our Drivers to give you the information so you can get your business done and enjoy your vacation, saving time and money while in Panama.


Transportation services

Right from before you leave home make sure you book with us your pick-up in Panama.

Banking services

We have the perfect bank for all your needs, without all the hassle for being a foreigner.

Business Advisory

From incorporating & getting you ready for local business to Negotiation experts and more.

Legal & Immigration

Let us help you get ready and establish a legal presence for you in Panama.