Variable Rates

It is important to understand that as you are coming into a non familiar country, chances are you are not familiar with the best transportation companies; much less the standard rates permitted and standardized through out the market.

Our company will act as your local agent and provide you with the services you require, at a fair price and excellent service. Our Luxury Sedans will always be available at a set price per trip or per hour, as referred in our rates page. Non common automobile requests will be handled through an affiliate we trust, operating under our standards and driven and supervised by our personnel. For these, we must plan way in advance and establish a date and rate for you before you arrive, according to your needs and requirements.

Your request will be handled with the up most care and excellence, while saving you money and the aggravation of going out there "fishing" on your own.


As soon as we receive your incoming date and reservation, we will contact you to confirm with you the received information and get to work for you right away. Our team will prepare a well planned schedule, according to your plans and will execute all your instructions and requirements to the dot.      

In plain simple English, we become your local partner and do all your research for you, assuring we get the best prices and services available in the local market. Imagine being able to call in advance, outline your plans and have a dedicated partner that will work for your interest, with full knowledge of the local market, over 30 years of experience in Latin America and capable of offering you a wide variety of additional products and services ranging from Business to pleasure.

In addition and at no cost to you what so ever, we will give all the rest of the information you need to make your trip to Panama the most pleasant experience in travel in your life; from where to eat and not to and where to find good night life and entertainment to places to visit, places to avoid and places not to miss. We will keep you safe and sound, tell you where to shop and where to save money while doing it,  all just for your convenience.