30 years of experience in Panama Tourism Industry

PGS Transportation Services has a speciallized Tour Operator (Inter Travel Panama) to offer our customers the best Tourism Products and services available in the Panama market. From Caribbean Cruises to Eco Tourism, from City and Beach Resort Tours and Expeditions to Entertainment and Night Life, we have it all. We have the most experienced tourism experts to guide you thru your choosing stage, make your reservations and insure your accommodations and foresee your vacation right to when you board your plane home.

Inter Travel Panama, more tours, cruises & excursions than anyone in Panama

First Class Service.

PGS Business Transportation Services want to make sure your stay in Panama fells like no other vacation you have ever had. With central offices located near the Panama Hotel, InterTravelPanama.com and PGS Business Transportation Services have trained personnel that will inform you of all the local tourism packages, whether you are going to the beach or staying in the city. We book your every need, take care of all arrangements and set you on unforgettable experiences you and your family will enjoy immensely, like never before. Trips to the interior, Groups in need of a bus to travel, secret hideaways and romantic evenings, Beach or mountain travel, we set it up all for you. Don’t forget we can also guide you thru Entertainment in the city and Night Life and arrange shopping trips and Duty Free purchases at the Colon Duty Free Zone. There is nothing in Panama we can’t do for you and at the right price, on time and well planned. Let the Real Experts take care of your Panama Vacation and relax the rest of the way.